The Research Ambassador Program

The Research Ambassador Program (RAP) is an innovative outreach project designed to both encourage academic scientists to do outreach and to engage non-traditional public audiences with scientists through a common interest or “hook.” The RAP has met with tremendous enthusiam and approval from the scientist, the public audience, and the media.


ICAN has partnered with the RAP for many of its outreach activites


Legislators Aloft – Legislative aides and decision makers from Washington State were brought into the forest and taught to climb trees so that they could see the forest canopy for themselves.

Branching Out – Artists and musicians were brought up to canopy platforms 60 feet up, where they composed and created beautiful works of art reflecting their experiences in the forest canopy.

Tropical Ecotourism Adventure – ICAN and RAP representatives went to Costa Rica and created scientifically-sound interpretive materials for a leading canopy ecotourism park in Monteverde, called Selvatura Park.

Trees and Healing – A forest canopy scientist gave talks to medical students, doctors, and professionals about both the direct and indirect links between trees and human healing.

Trees and Spirituality – Spiritual communities were addressed at their places of worship regarding the spiritual connection between trees and humans.