National Geographic Special

Heroes of the High Frontier

This is a companion to the National Geographic Television film “Heroes of the High Frontier”. The NBC television version is titled “Exploring the High Frontier”, and was originally aired on national television on Saturday, January 30, 1999, from 8-9 pm EST. We will lead you beyond the film and behind the scenes to more information and images about the fascinating world of forest canopies.

The Eighth Continent: Forest Canopies

What is a Rainforest and what is the canopy?Find out about the densest layer of vegetation in the forest.

Gardens in the Sky: Plant Life in the Canopy

Find out about the plants that live in the tree tops and how they affect their hosts.

Hotbed of Evolution: Creatures of the Canopy

Canopy dwelling animals and plants are among the most fascinating on Earth. Find out more about the canopy fauna featured in the film.

Into Green Air: Canopy Research

What drives these pioneers to new heights? How do they get there and what have they found?

If a tree falls in the forest…. Forest Conservation

Why are the rainforests dwindling and why should we care? Find out who’s doing what to try and save them…. and what you can do to help and how to get involved.

Climbing Tools and Techniques

How do canopy explorers get to the tree tops? Learn about the many ways to climb trees.

Filming on the Roof of the World

How did they get that shot? Go on location with the crew of Heroes.